Neuroticomic #1: Thank Kilroy

Kilroy was here.

I stepped in the kitchen, shoes squeaking, before I realized that the linoleum floor had been replaced today. You’d think that a pile of oatmeal boxes on the table, or the recliner moved flush against the wall would have been enough of a hint … but no. These kinds of surprises are what I get for sleeping too little and keeping my eyes to the ground all of the time.

It’s a wonderful surprise, though, to come home and find that someone remodeled the kitchen while you were away, bettering the look of the place and giving it a cleaner appearance as though by magic. Thank you, mysterious apartment crew.

Kilroy was, for those of you who don’t know, the name used in a (formerly?) ubiquitous bit of graffiti dating back to at least WWII (the popular phrase or signature being, “Kilroy was here”). Open the vault in Fort Knox, and you find “KILROY WAS HERE” written in chalk on the wall. Stalin went to the bathroom at a conference, and saw “Kilroy was here” written on the door of the stall. Bugs Bunny went to the moon, and saw “Kilroy was here” lettered on a boulder.

And so on.


About Jeff Mazurek

My name is Jeff. I am an introverted mumbler prone to fits of creativity. I run. I draw cartoons. I like fish and don't get my hair cut often enough. I am happily married to my wife Sara. She likes my hair short and tolerates my fondness for fish.
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2 Responses to Neuroticomic #1: Thank Kilroy

  1. Joe says:

    Kilroy is bloody everywhere.

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