Things I drew at work 12/15/2010

The demands of my workplace seem to ease around the Holidays. That, or my coworkers, supervisors and I all quietly agree to chat with each other a bit more and slog through documents a little less.

I’ve improved at some things social over the years, but I am still by default an a-social beast with a decent ear and a penchant for doodling and the bad posture that such a hobby engenders.

 So I drew this at work, hunched over my cubicle desk like a mad protagonist in a Victor Hugo novel, scribbling it down the very moment I realized that my lunch hour was almost gone and that I’d done nothing with it except devour bland birthday cake and peruse bunches of articles online.

I’ve got nothing to say about it except that I’d watch the pseudo-cats on American Idol for a few minutes if they had to sing into a microphone like this one. Forget the notion that the camera is a surrogate eye for a watching audience–put the eye right in the mic.

The Saga of the Three-Eyed Diplomat

I started this one at work but, taking a cue from the extraordinarily imaginative ChanChanMan, AKA Tony, whose artwork I must again plug (link) I added a gradient to underscore my rudimentary shading and to kill the overall brightness of the scanned image.

I didn’t particularly want to draw a sort-of-dignified fellow reading a comic book called “The Saga of the Three-eyed Diplomat,” but this is what happened, and I am presently burdened with the idea to draw a comic strip with just such a character.

We’ll see what happens between this notion, holiday plans and holiday-related posts.


About Jeff Mazurek

My name is Jeff. I am an introverted mumbler prone to fits of creativity. I run. I draw cartoons. I like fish and don't get my hair cut often enough. I am happily married to my wife Sara. She likes my hair short and tolerates my fondness for fish.
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