Out of the Loam

Sometime last year, my sketchbook soaked up some water while rooming in my backpack with my daughter’s bottle. The back pages—then unmarked—acquired warps and waves.

This circumstance has yet to affect the things I draw on those pages, except when I put them on the scanner. There, they cannot lay flat. There, the undulations make slight shadows. Perhaps it adds a bit of literal depth to my otherwise very two-dimensional work.

And about the work: I suggested to a friend that he and I draw something about a “looming loam,” a silly bit of alliteration which, in my mind, conjured up Golems or other Terrible Things. Monsters made out of earth and rubble and clay. I did not achieve much of that above. Just a burly man on a stool, meticulously carving out—or injecting the nectar of life into—a gaunt, giant body.


About Jeff Mazurek

My name is Jeff. I am an introverted mumbler prone to fits of creativity. I run. I draw cartoons. I like fish and don't get my hair cut often enough. I am happily married to my wife Sara. She likes my hair short and tolerates my fondness for fish.
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2 Responses to Out of the Loam

  1. This gives out the suggestion that humanity is created by little carvers. Or are they just helpers like Santa’s elves? Are they angels? Angels dressed like thugs?

    • Jeff Mazurek says:

      I think the prompt here was something like “looming loam.” Loam, I think, is a word for muddy, clay-like earth. I really wanted to draw something like a golem, a creature of legend and/or myth. If someone made a golem today–someone outside of the world of electronic things, I mean–it’d probably be made by a landscaper or construction worker. Maybe?

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